“The best view comes after the hardest climb.”

Trails are our way to access nature and enjoy the outdoors.

Whether your sport is trail running, hiking, backcountry camping, or rock climbing. Trails make it all possible.

Family HIking

Founders of I Love Trails – We aim to instill a love for nature in our children.

The Mission of I Love Trails

Our mission is simple: We want to inspire you to enjoy more trails.

We do this through a few things:

  • This website, which provides free content related to trails, camping, and the outdoors in general
  • A Facebook Group that helps you connect with fellow trail lovers, get inspiration for your next trip, and to share beta about your favorite gear. This is your place to engage with other people like yourself and even help the trail newbie get all the information they need to enjoy the outdoors safely and effectively.
  • A Podcast: The I Love Trails Podcast is dedicated to interviewing founders and industry leaders of your favorite outdoor brands.
  • You Tube: A place where we will share trail tips, post reviews, and even interviews with fellow trail lovers. (coming soon)

Just being surrounded by bountiful nature, rejuvenates and inspires us.

– EO Wilson

Happy Trails,
Caleb Simpson
I Love Trails Founder
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