Story by Katie Visco:

From July 13th through November 8th, 2019, I ran 30 miles a day across one of the most barren, dry, remote places on Earth – Australia. From Darwin in the north to Adelaide in the South, water was like gold, shade was (almost) nowhere, and the wind was relentless.

Instead of vehicle support, which is typically the case for transcontinental runs and what I had for my 2009 run across America, my husband, Henley Phillips, pedaled a 350-pound bicycle and trailer full of water, food, and gear. We could not afford to make mistakes; the Outback is unforgiving, and if you are caught out in the thick of its formlessness without what you need, you’re just plain out of luck. In other words, this was the hardest and riskiest thing we’ve ever done as individuals and as a couple. It was all so worth it.

Katie Visco Australia RunMost of the trip was hell. Every day felt like torture – wind, sand, heat, aches, pain, mind games, THIRST. The last thing I ever wanted to do each day was run…another…f%&king step.

Henley pushed, dragged, hauled, and kicked his bike across plenty of miles just to keep up with me. However, I knew it would be hard, and that’s why I decided to run across this country in particular. Sometimes you need the pinch in the ass to remind yourself that you are heartier, grittier, stronger than you think you are. Better yet, sometimes you end up with an experience crazier than you could have ever imagined, and this, my friends, is what I call adventure. Amen to that.

Bike Support Vehicle

Henley on the bike/trailer setup that served as our human powered support vehicle.

Fueling for miles and miles and miles

Food. How the heck did I fuel myself for 2,210 miles across Oz?

Here’s the gist….

– Wake up at 5 AM and eat half an energy bar with peanut butter. Run seven miles at a ten-minute pace.

– Walk some.

– Break for an hour-long breakfast. Eat oats with nuts and raisins and granola. Gross.

– Brush teeth and pee. Head out for another seven miles at the same pace.

– Break for 45 minutes and eat an energy bar, beloved Aussie VitaWheat crackers, and peanuts.

– Run another seven miles, walk every five minutes, listen to a podcast so I don’t feel bored out of my mind.

– Break for lunch – beans from a bag, rice from a bag, crackers, the occasional fresh avocado (two every month?).

– Make our own shade and break for 3-4 hours in the afternoon to hide out from the blazing sun.

– Drink hot tea (no joke, a cup of hot tea might actually be the trick to help cool you down!) and listen to Henley read a book out loud, my favorite part of our routine!

– Stare up at the sky and think, “Be here now, Katie.”

– Four o’clock – damn, back to running, after having eaten another energy bar an hour prior (man, I wish I had my Good Juju Energy Balls with me!).

– Run the last seven miles.

– Henley cooks dinner, typically tuna and pasta, while I foam roll my legs with what might as well have been a metal pipe and simply zone out.

Every evening, I am so happy to be done running! Surprisingly, all said and done, I only lost a pound – thank goodness!!! Fueling is key, and I often just ate even when I was not hungry. It worked out well.

Katie wrapping knees

Follow your dreams

You know what? Thank goodness for hardship. It makes us more mature to face life.

I’ve often remembered the dread, pain, and outright torment I felt each day when running across Australia and how trusting in the brevity of any given moment – of time – got me through to the finish. I try to use this same trust now as I embrace the uncertainty of life in general.

I believe that there is no such thing as security other than being secure in yourself and your core values. On that note, if you have a dream that bursts your heart into flames, gosh-darn go for it. What do you have to lose except the very dream itself?

Katie Visco

Katie Visco is an accomplished athlete that recently completed a North to South transcontinental run across Australia. She also ran a United States transcontinental run in 2009. She currently lives with her husband Henley in Arizona.

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