If you are looking for the best camping hammock, look no further than Kammok!

Kammok is dedicated to creating amazing hammocks that are easy to setup, and also have all the extras you need to camp in style. Even in a pouring rain during January. No matter the conditions, Kammok has you covered!

Hammocks are not only great for sleeping quarters when camping but they make a great place to just sit down and relax during the day. I know many people that have a hammock permanently setup outside their home so they can relax outdoors whenever the weather is nice.

Before we get started with why Kammok hammocks are so amazing let’s look at why you might want to camp in a hammock.

Why a Camping Hammock?

For years car campers and backcountry campers have slept on the ground, usually in tents. In fairly recent years campers have been opting for hammocks due to their light weight and how little space they take up. They are also a welcome sleeping quarters when you can’t find level ground, or the ground is full of rocks.

Hammocks are easy to setup, and systems like Kammok have all the essentials you need to make your camping experience comfortable.  With options such as insulated layers, rainflys, and bug nets. You will always be able to sleep in comfort no matter what the mother nature throws your way.

What makes Kammok so amazing?

Kammok is an industry leader when it comes to hammocks and outdoor gear. They have TONS of innovative products such as the Sunda, which is a “Hammock Tent.” Think of this as a tent suspended in air. More sleeping room, and more comfort. A welcome reprieve when you cant find level ground, or are backpacking with a friend.

Since Kammok has so many products available, let’s focus on the Double Roo Hammock, my favorite product. Kammok partners with the best of the best fabric and material manufacturers in the outdoor industry.

Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Tear resistant (ripstop nylon fabric)
  • Amazing craftsmanship. You won’t find a better constructed hammock out there
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Water-Resistant
  • Attached stuff sack
  • LIFETIME Warranty
  • They warranty is described as “cradle to grave” you can actually send your broken hammock back for recycling. Hows that for sustainability?
  • Easy to setup using the patented Python Straps

Ease of Setup

Hammock Strap Setip

The Python Straps make the Kammok Double Roo super easy to setup!

I’ve used other hammocks in the past and found their latch system frustrating. Some required tying special knots that were difficult to learn, and others latch point systems did not have enough loops to adjust as needed, or just felt cheap.

Kammok boasts of 20 attachment points per strap! They also have the option for beefier “tree safe” straps, as well as a light weight system for those concerned about weight. But even the tree safe straps are stronger and lighter than any other strap system on the market.

The Python Straps are simple to use. All you do is loop each strap around a tree and use the provided carabiners on the hammock to attach. Having 20 attachment points available make it easy to get the perfect angle and heigh off the ground.

Your Total Protection Camping Hammock

If you want to use the Double Roo (or even the single) for something other than lounging around or camping in fair weather. Kammok has you covered with rain shelters and other products! – I love that pun!

Below are extras that Kammok offers that will truly elevate your hammock camping experience:

  • The Fire Belly – Think of this as a hammock quilt. It helps keep you warm even in the coldest weather. The Double Roo is even equipped with attachment points inside to keep your quilt in place.
  • Pads and Pillows – These bring hammock comfort to the next level. They help your sleeping bags function properly and add a bit of extra insulation between your body and the breathable material of the hammock.
  • Rain Shelters & Bug Nets – Kammok also offers rain shelters and bug nets to make your hammock the perfect home above the ground.

Kammok even offers combo packs of some or all of the above items. So you can get started with your camping adventures right away.

Years of Enjoyment

Kammok Hammock Family

We’ve had a Kammok now for nearly 10 years. We actually owned one of the first ones ever produced. It lasted us 8 years before having to be replaced. The Warranty replacement process was SUPER easy, our Kammok was swapped out at the Flagship store in Austin (you can also do this by mail), and the old hammock was sent off for recycling! The only reason we even had to replace it was I had sat in the hammock with my keys hanging out of my back pocket, and it poked a hole through the fabric. Lesson learned here is, don’t sit on sharp objects inside your hammock!

Our family also lived in our RV Full Time for about 4 years, and our Kammok was almost ALWAYS outside. It got lots of use. Our kids loved it, my wife and I loved relaxing together in it, and even our children enjoyed hammock time with mom and dad.

The Double Roo was super comfy with two grown adults lounging in it, or one adult and three small children! It definitely brought us lots of joy. Kristy, my wife read countless pages of her books in the hammock, we took naps, and used it as a swing to entertain our children and their friends. It traveled with us as far North as Utah, and as far east as Virginia.

Our Double Roo has gotten a lot of miles to say the least, and it’s definitely one of our favorite pieces of gear that we own.

Woman in Kammok Hammock


My Overall Thoughts on Kammok and the Double Roo

You can’t go wrong with Kammok for all your hammock camping needs. Not only are their products high quality and backed with a lifetime warranty, they are a Certified B Cooperation and a Member of 1% for the Planet. They are true outdoorsman, care about the environment, and give back to non-profit organizations.

Whether you are just looking for a hammock to lounge around in at home or to replace your tent. Kammok is the way to go. You won’t find a better constructed hammock on the market.

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If you want more information about how to properly setup a hammock and accessories you can check out this great article over at REI.com.

Small Packable Hammock

Light weight hammocks are popular for camping due to their compact size.

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