Do you struggle to reduce inflammation or muscle soreness? Are you a trail runner, athlete, or somebody that loves to spend a lot of time hiking trails? More than likely you can relate to sore muscles and even slow recovery times. Especially after a really long hike, run, or workout.

There are no shortage of tools out there that claim to help speed up the healing process, but not all tools are created equal.

Below are some of our favorite recovery tools that help reduce inflammation, fight sore muscles, and can even help relieve chronic pain.

Mobo Systems

Mobo Recovery Tool

I met one of the founders of Mobo Systems at The Running Event in Austin Texas last year. I was super intrigued with their product that I bought one on the spot. And ever since it has been my go-to recovery tool. My foam roller is now collecting dust! The MOBO really does help improve recovery and reduce muscle soreness.

MOBO System was invented to help you mobilize your whole body (description from their website). This system is designed to not only replace your foam rollers, but also other tools like therapy balls and “massage peanut balls.” You know the two balls taped together. Their system has this BUILT IN, and works amazing. I use it on my plantar fasciitis all the time, and I’ve never had a better quad or calf roll than with MOBO.

The system is EXTREMELY versatile, and their YouTube Channel is full of videos of various exercises, stretches, and massages you can do with it. One of my favorite things about the Mobo is how easy it is to massage the back of my neck when I get a tension headache.

You can shop their products at Mobo Systems. Or buy on Amazon.

SideKick Tool

You have likely seen these before while getting a sports massage or getting physical therapy treatments.

They basically look like shiny space age weapons that are used in close combat.

These tools are not super sharp, but they are very effective at helping with muscle recovery. Other applications are for: neck pain, upper and lower back pain, tendonitis, shin splints and the ever dreaded plantar fasciitis.

The technique required to use the SideKick is known as scraping. There is some very simple science behind how it works.

When your body is active, it produces toxic metabolites that build up and block blood vessels. Sidekick Scrapers apply localized pressure that break up these blocked blood vessels. This triggers your body to construct new stronger, more efficient collateral vessels that increase blood flow and promote faster recovery. (from

Essentially these tools promote localized blood circulation that help speed up recovery. You will even enjoy relaxed and loosened muscles within a few minutes of using the tool.

I’m a huge fan of these tools because of how small they are. These are much easier to carry with you while traveling. They aren’t big and bulky like a foam roller.

You can get your very own SideKick here. There are also several other options available on Amazon.

Hemp Extract Oil

USDA Organic Hemp Extract Oil

Hemp Extract oil is all the rage these days. And there is good reason for it.

Hemp oil is the close “cousin” of the marijuana plant. It contains beneficial cannabinoids that can help reduce pain and inflammation.

And many people use it for things like mood disorders, stress, and anxiety.

But as for athletes, it’s great for reducing inflammation, and speeding up recovery. It can even help cut down on that chronic back pain, or inflammation from a chronic injury.

Oh, and let’s not forget sleep. Most people that take hemp oil notice their sleep improves, usually immediately. And better sleep equates to better recovery, and higher quality workouts. Thus allowing you to progress faster as an athlete.

I’ve personally had an amazing experience with Hemp Oil. I first started taking it for my chronic Achilles tendonitis. But I soon started seeing improvements in other chronic pain issues. And I was less stressed, and sleeping better as well.

Hemp Oil is a must have tool for every athlete, and our preferred brand is Hemp Daddy’s

Hemp Daddy’s sources USDA Organic Hemp and works with ONE family owned farm in Longmont, Colorado to ensure a consistent and QUALITY product that really works.

Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask for Hydration and Recovery

A water bottle, huh? You may be asking, how is a water bottle a good recovery tool?

Well, the answer is pretty simple. Poor hydration can lead to inflammation, which makes it take that much longer to recover.

Simply put, better hydration equals faster recovery times.

I’ve found that keeping a water bottle at my desk helps me to drink enough water. I use a 40oz stainless steel water bottle, and my goal is to drink two a day. Really I should be drinking 100oz per day, and I do, and most of that is drank throughout my day at my desk.

Hydro Flask makes some of the best water bottles on the market. They are colorful, stainless steel, and vacuum sealed. They keep things either cold or hot for a long time. I have two that are now 8+ years old. And hardly any of the paint has chipped…not even the corners where it sets down on the ground.

You can find them at which is really great, especially if you are a Co-Op Member.


Thera Gun

Think of this as a power tool for your achy muscles. Using a technique “percussive therapy.” these self-massage tools are great for massaging away sore muscles. They are essentially your own in-home deep tissue massage therapist.

These high tech massage devices are said speed up muscle recovery, and reduce pain after a workout.

Lots of athletes, especially trail runners have been using these with seemingly great results.

To me they seem like a Mobo System or foam roller on steroids. Although they are not as portable or versatile as a Mobo, they can be highly effective.

You can even find the TheraGun on Amazon! Which might have you feeling better in just a couple of days, thanks to two day shipping 😉

So What Tool is Right for Me?

With all the various recovery tools available to athletes it’s important to find the ones that works best for you. Hemp Extract Oil for example has been known to produce AMAZING results for some, but not so much for others. As far as massage type tools go, it really comes down to preference, and experimenting to figure out what you like best.

Many athletes use a combination, or all of these tools.

Which one is your favorite? Comment below and let us know.

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